I am a UX designer who specializes in rapid prototyping

Hi, I’m Raghav. I recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s prestigious Human-Computer Interaction program. I have a background in both Computer Science and UX design, which makes me an ideal prototyping specialist. Through rapid iterations of prototyping and usability testing, I can deliver a design solution that is useful, usable and desirable.

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Product Sketches

Rapid Protoyping Delivers Quality Results

By creating a prototype and testing it with real users, designers can get valuable insight into the real problems. These problems can be addressed in the next iteration of the prototype. Through multiple iterations of prototyping and testing, designers can weed out issues and deliver a quality solution.


I have experience building prototypes for mobile, web and desktop. These prototypes range from simple paper prototypes and storyboards to complex HTML, CSS and JavaScript programs. I am comfortable with a variety of prototyping tools like Axure, InVision, etc. My mastery of these tools helps me move quickly from one iteration to the next.

Usability Testing

One of the main reasons for creating a prototype is to perform usability tests and get feedback from the actual users. I’ve used usability testing techniques like think aloud, heuristic evaluation, user interviews, speed dating, etc. Performing usability tests helps me validate my design decisions with quantitative and qualitative data.

My Prototyping Toolbox

Creating Mockups

Sketch 3

Sketch is my preferred tool for creating high fidelity mockups.

Adobe Photoshop

Photos need editing. Enough said.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator was my go-to program before Sketch came along. I still use it to create refined versions of paper prototypes. I also use it to create posters and other marketing materials.

Adobe Indesign

As a typography nerd, I love InDesign. Though I don’t use InDesign for prototyping, I frequently use it to typeset books.

Simulating Interactivity

Paper Prototypes

I love paper prototypes. It’s often the first step in my prototyping process.


I use a combination of Sketch and Axure to create mid-fi and hi-fi prototypes. Axure’s advanced features like storing variables and adding conditional logic make it a powerful prototyping tool.


InVision is great for creating quick and simple prototypes for web and mobile. While it’s not as powerful as Axure, it’s perfect for most prototyping scenarios.

Adobe After Effects

Admittedly, I still an After Effects noob, but I’m on my way to mastering motion design. I also use it to create video sketches and demo reels.

Other Tools

In the past, I’ve also used tools like Balsamiq, Omnigraffle, Pixate, etc.

The Real Deal

HTML, CSS and jQuery

Sometimes, prototypes have to be very realistic. That's when my front-end development skills come in handy.


Python is my favorite programming language. When rapid iteration is the priority, Python has a million libraries to quickly get the job done.

Get in Touch with Me

I’m working on a top-secret project that’s going to take over the world.

Dammit, I’ve said too much. Get in touch with me and I’ll tell you more.